Clothes Line Reflection Essay

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In creating this clothes line assessment, the process gave me time to reflect certain experiences that made an impact in my life. Looking back on those moments helped me recognize how much I have changed. Each of the drawings evoke different feelings, such as heartwarming, sadness, excitement, and eye-opening. Additionally, the materials used consist of cardstock paper, scissors, pencil, Prismacolor and Copic brush markers, artist ink pens, hemp yarn, and paper clips. The first one is a drawing of my pet dog, Jackey, which my family and I had for 14 years. Aside from her, I have experience with significant losses with close relatives, family acquaintances, and even high school classmates. Some were unexpected, others (like Jackey) were filled with acceptance, even though going through such experiences was emotionally hurtful. For the third drawing, it is a picture of the awards I have earned from my piano recitals and high school events. While I got a few from art class, most of them…show more content…
The reason I felt engaged to these types of music was because they display a different sound that was compelling and comforting. Simultaneously, I became interested in learning what the lyrics meant. So, at a certain point, when I was looking up the songs’ English translations on the Internet and re-listened to them, I realized that these songs relate to my own personality. The lyrics gave me a glimpse of who I was as well as the emotions and important message they were conveying. As stated by Saarikallio, Vuoskoski, and Luck (2014), music serves as a framework for understanding communication and feelings, which play a role in adolescent adjustment and wellbeing. Moreover, the song’s emotional awareness function as an expression to one’s

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