Personal Narrative: Moving To Canada

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I never thought I would miss the hour-long taxi rides or the peculiarities that expats often find so amusing at first – locals sipping beverages from plastic bags, families of six packed on a motorbike, or the overwhelming sea of people clothed in yellow polo shirts for the king every Monday. But I did. Crowded elevators, the arctic chill of a mall's industrial air-conditioning, the monsoon season replacing the bright blue skies with gray clouds - I missed those, too. Two years later, I find that moving to Canada after over thirteen years of living in Bangkok, Thailand, was the most significant time for me because of the changes it brought. When I first moved to Canada, I was very concentrated on how I was going to make new friends. Trying…show more content…
Two years later, nostalgia still strikes me when I least expect it. Sometimes it seems like almost anything – a food, a place, a smell - can overwhelm me with thoughts of Bangkok. When I look at my life, Thailand and Canada are what mostly hold it. However, no matter how much each country fulfills a different part of me and what I enjoy, as much as I have formed bonds with people I love in both places, and even if I truly feel at home in either one, moving to Canada was significant because for the first time ever, I felt divided in two. Even though what I love to do did not have to change because I had moved over a few time zones, it still felt like I was leaving something behind. There will always be a part of me that is far away from its home and is waiting until it can live its full colors back in the country where it belongs. For example, I no longer communicate in Thai with others, and I cannot jump onto a motorbike or catch a water taxi boat whenever I want to go somewhere. To live in Canada, or anywhere else, is beautiful and exciting. It gave me the gift of freedom, of new beginnings, of curiosity and

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