Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

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College athletes spend up to 50 hours a week practicing for games. That's more than the average person with a full-time job. The conversation of should college athletes be paid has been going on forever. Being a college athlete that works very hard just to win a game, think of how much more athletes would work if that athlete got paid for doing better. Most think that those athletes getting scholarships are getting payment enough. Studies have shown that almost all college athletes think that student athletes deserve to be paid. Although most people think college athletes should not be paid, because the athletes are there to learn and have an experience. Athletes should be paid, because athletes make millions for the colleges and should be able to support their family. Also, athletes are practicing and going to games as much time as someone with a full time job. There have been many questions on should college athletes be paid. Questions like, “Should just Division I athletes be paid?”, “Should varsity just be paid?”, “Should the whole team be paid?”(Parkes,1). This topic has been brought to the supreme court but the jury declined the fact that college athletes should be paid. There has been a lot of arguments on this topic and…show more content…
However, athletes spend up to 50 hours a week doing something sport related. That's more hours than people with full time jobs work. A sentence in “5 Reasons Why College Athletes Should Be Paid”, states “On average, the typical in season student athlete, works 43.3 hours per week.” “(Alessi, 1)” These frightening statistics strengthen the argument by revealing that they work towards sports just as much as anybody else works at a job. While many may believe that college athletes should not be paid, there are others that do, and have plenty of facts to prove
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