Essay Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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College athletes are only being paid a scholarship for their athletic performance. Meanwhile, colleges are making a fortune off of their athletes images and memorabilia. Students-athletes are spending more time than ever with their teams while their scholarships are not covering the full amount that it costs for them to live at college. Colleges reap in millions of dollars in profits while a simple redistribution of resources would allow the athletes to profit as well. NCAA athletes should be paid through a set small amount of money per month and a limited trust fund not accessible until after college, in order to allow them to gain financial stability. The NCAA makes up to $750 million in television rights and distributes much of it to the 32 Division 1 basketball conferences and on down to the member universities. Television stations, CBS and Turner Sports, make more than one billion dollars in revenue while they aired all of the tourney games. Legal bets on tournament games, topped over one hundred millions dollars. Massive building such…show more content…
A low number of college athletes will actually use their scholarship and go professional in their sport (Hurst). For the majority of collegiate athletes, college is the furthest they will go in their sport and all of the scouts would mean nothing to them financially. People argue the fact that once you start paying athletes, they will complain that they are not being paid enough. There should be a system in place to limit the total amount of money that can be spent on an athlete in order to make things fair for lower tier schools. The limit would even out the playing field when in terms of recruiting. Top tier schools would only be able to spend the same amount of money on an athlete as a lower tier school
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