Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

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While in college many athletes strive to advance in their athletic careers. Many athletes are offered bribes to play for certain universities. Starting out college athletes are accepting payments for many reasons. According to, “college sports programs pay for unnecessary materialistic objects such as expensive cars, clothes, and apartments”. Furthermore, sponsors also pay parents to convince their children to play for certain schools. College students should not be allowed to receive money for sports while in school due to athletes not concentrating on their education, they are not professional athletes, and it is not fair to other unpaid athletes. College students should be focused on grades while in college and education should be the top priority for students. Sports should be a leisure activity for athletes and not a disruption in their education. In grade school students were not allowed to play if they were not passing their class. In addition, students would need to have a D average to attend a game or to be allowed to practice for that week. Colleges need to have their athletes put their education first by going back to the athletic grade school method. Colleges will insure that their athletic students have the initiative to…show more content…
Furthermore, it is not fair to the other athletes who receive no pay and come to school for an education. The athletes’ money thinking process can make it difficult for athletes to focus on education and receiving their degree. According to, “If universities started paying college athletes, it would be grossly unfair to the peers who work hard just to make ends meet. Student athletes who are already awarded scholarship money to attend college should not be paid any additional amount on the side.” Athletes in college should all be treated as equals. Learning is what should be on the mind of the students and not
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