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This can be summarized in one word: BALANCE. Giving out more than you are giving in causes imbalance. If you are not balanced, sooner or later, you are likely to fall. Breath is the key to life: Life comes to an end when we fail to breathe in or breathe out. Therefore, when you breathe in you have to breathe out. This is a reality of life from the first breath to the last. Therefore, be conscious that when you breathe in you are receiving from everything around you, and when you breathe out you are giving to everything around you. Let your breathing in and out be your reminder to give to yourself at least as much love and care as you give others. It will surely help keep you balanced. As stated before, the medical intuitive who helped me work my way through cancer told me that I had given and given and given so much to others, leaving little or no energy left for…show more content…
With the complexities of our emotional realities, one modality alone may not be adequate to meet our needs. In my experience it wasn’t. I did Reiki on myself for years, and although it was extremely helpful in managing pain, and prevented me from swallowing lots of over the counter pain meds as I had done previously, it didn’t take care of my challenges completely. I was not healed. It was only when I heard the messages my body was delivering to me, understood the deeper cause, released the trapped emotional energy frozen in my body associated with the situation, and learned from the experience, did the pain and discomfort go away, did healing occur. The symptoms had served their purpose, but learning was the key to deeper healing. What I learned about myself and about healing myself was phenomenal. The most important thing I learned, was that no matter what was going on physically or emotionally or spiritually I had to stay anchored in the wholeness of who I

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