Should College Athletes Get Paid Essay

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Should athletes get paid to play college sports? college players should be paid to play. Why should college athletes get paid to play? Is is a good idea? why or why not? How much money should they get they pay ? Should they take their scholarship away if they get paid? It would be a great idea & it would encourage them to go to college. Give them the opportunity to get there own money for doing what they like would motivate them to keep doing it as a future career. They might follow the dream of becoming professional athletes in the future. Alot of college players would love to get pay for playing sports in their college. (Brian Frederick Board Member of Sports Fans Coalition/ says that most f ans are not in favor of paying players. There argument is that many still buy into the myth of “amateur athletics.” Playing athletics frequently refer to the “free education” student-athletes received and, indeed, there is some value to what they learn on campus.No one metions the lifetime of…show more content…
Without them, we wouldn't have millions of fans buying tickets for games and subscribing to expensive cable and satellite sports television packages, corporate sponsors purchasing luxury suits and boxes in college arenas and stadiums, or consumers paying top dollar for sports paraphernalia, jersey and video games bearing the likenesses and autographs of their favorite college players. Most, if not all counter-arguments against paying students athletes are fallacious and anachronistic. These counterarguments are even more invalid, unimpressive and bankrupt of reason and sound economic justification when one sees that big time college sports often discourage and even preclude students athletes from pursuing and earning their college
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