Essay On Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Paying college athletes solves many of the problems that not the athlete has but also their family. Every kid dreams to grow up, make it to a professional league of their choice, and get paid for playing, but only a small group of athletes end up going to a professional league; being paid in college can make their dreams come true. The athletes bring in millions upon millions of dollars for their university every year, and not a single penny gets given back to the athletes. This is unjust and unreasonable. People are always complaining that student-athletes are not going to class enough, while class is going on they are working to make money. Giving them money would allow them to go to class more often. Use this money as an incentive program,…show more content…
If they get paid they will not have to have a job and will not learn any responsibilities that they would have. They will think that they will always be given money for playing a sport but very few college athletes turn pro. They are already getting scholarships so why do they need to be given more money that could be used to build new educational buildings. The big colleges would be able to pay and that would make recruiting for minute colleges much harder and many of them would lose their programs. Giving athletes money may lead to more drug and alcohol use because they have the money to afford it now that the school is paying them. The schools would have to change their budgets around to be able to afford to give student-athletes money. Without having to get a job they will have more time to get in tribulation and disturb other students. More people would go out for sports just so they could be paid, so the more athletes there are the more the universities have to pay and the more they have to pay the smaller their budgets will be. While this may seem fair to all the athletes out there, what about the student that is getting a 4.0 GPA (grade point average)? Don’t they deserve to be paid for doing well inside of the classroom? Disconnecting athletes from all the responsibility that they would have if they remain unpaid is unfair and
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