Should College Athletes Get Paid Essay

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Over the past couple of years, college athletics have gained a tremendous amount of popularity across the United States. Whether it be football, basketball, or hockey, sports have brought in revenue to their respective Universities, as well as increasing the popularity of the universities reputation and get nothing out of it. this is why college athletes should get paid for playing sports because it helps mental well-being, develops character, and College sales. First, College athletes should get paid for playing sports because it helps mental well-being. Being a college athlete is a rigorous task and you don't have much free time. Coaches and trainers are always on your back making sure you're in the gym and on the field throughout the…show more content…
If student athletes are getting paid it could help them make good decisions and learn how to be responsible with their own money and the ways they spend it. Another reason it develops character is it would eliminate recruiting due to the athletes getting paid so they would become closer with the people they are around and not have to go behind the system. Many people may say there will be less fans due to students not having a love for the sport because they're athletes are getting paid, while some think this is true, there is a easy way to fix it, when every fan buys a ticket online or at the stadium they will be asked if they would like a portion of their money to go to the hard working players and athletes. They would also get money depending on how the athlete played and his/her performance in that game. Media basketball commentator Dick Vitale suggested in one of his interview that the NCAA should invest $1,000,000,000 of the $6,200,000,000 it will receive to broadcast the NCAA men's basketball tournament and pay the athletes $250 a month (Eitzen). Paying college athletes will give college athletes the opportunity for leadership roles and the chance to become who they really want to be. There are many other reason why this would help college athletes develop character if they got
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