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I’m from Elgin Texas, a small town 45 minutes from any large city. We are our own patch of the world. Elgin is small and close-knit. Going to the grocery store with my mom is more of a social outing than an errand because of how many old friends from high school she bumps into. People around town know me by a first name basis because of all I do. I work at the best Pizza place in Elgin so anyone has been there knows my smiling face. I am choir president and community support is important for our organization to grow, to meet with community member is a large part of my job. I love my hometown and the warmth that comes with it. This is the reality I was raised in, those values that create a tight community will follow me wherever I go. Around…show more content…
My best friend Kenia has been the biggest pillar of support I have in my life at the moment. My family is going through many changes. My mom is going out of state and so I just recently moved in with my dad. I haven't lived with him since my parents divorced so adjusting has been a journey that Kenia has been there for faithfully. My friends and I are closer than most of my family member are to me. I love my family and I hope in the future we can be closer than we are now. According to my friends, the words they used to describe me were reliable and funny. I believe that friends are the family that we choose, so when one of my friends are in need I'll do whatever I can to help them. They know they can count on me if they need me. I like to think that I am funny. Maybe not stand up comedian funny but I could make at least my friends laugh. My family, on the other hand, described me as responsible and trustworthy. Growing up, I lived with my mom for most of my childhood. My mom has been disabled for as long as I can remember, and with that in mind I never acted out. I always did my best to make things as easy on her as possible. I never get in trouble in any way and also because of my job I am responsible. Also trustworthy because they trust me to make my own decisions. My parents have never had to watch over my shoulder or ground me because I showed them I could…show more content…
I just recently got accepted into the UNiversity of North Texas. I am going to study Educational Psychology as an undergraduate, then go to graduate school for educational leadership. And then I want to become a Superintendent of a small school district like the one I like it now. I chose this path because when I was in third grade, I hated school. I even faked illnesses to get out of school back then because I was bullied. I believe that being a superintendent of a school like the one I grew up in would give me an opportunity to help kids like me who were willing to sacrifice their education to avoid the mean kids at

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