Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

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Should College Athletes Be Paid to Play? Do you think College athletes should be paid to play? Many believe that any college athlete should get paid to play whatever sport it is. It can actually go both ways depending on how you look at it. Some can say that college athletes should not get paid if they have a full ride scholarship. The rest of people can say yes due to the players making money for the college. There is actually more arguments that you can state for both reasons. Those are the most basic arguments you could say. The reasons the society thinks that college athletes should be paid to play is that they can do things that help them or anyone with that extra money. According to the website “A $25,000 scholarship…show more content…
Maybe them or someone they know might have health problems that need to be cured but it may also be very expensive. Colleges make money off of the players with selling of jerseys and sponsorship from big name companies. They can enjoy the money as well like professional sport athletes but they should not get paid a lot like the professional players, The most pay they should get is middle class wage. For an example “Texas athletic director Steve Patterson revealed that his university will soon begin paying its student-athletes in every sport, male and female, so The University of Texas expects to spend $6 million annually on the endeavor, which works out to roughly $10,000 per athlete per year according to If they were being paid like the professional then they would not learn anything due to money always being given to them. Middle class pay would be good where they can learn how to be responsible with their money. They are working for their money when they practice and play, that also teaches them to be more responsible. Before the student-athletes are athletes they are students
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