Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

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No Pay for the Copious Committed College Athletes There are currently seven million high school athletes in the United States. However, there are only enough college roster spots for two percent of them. One percent of the two percent will earn a division athletic scholarship. Each individual scholarship (including room and board, and meals) averages a net worth of $120,000 per year (Shanoff, Dan, and Robert Lipsyte). College athletes receive copious benefits that ordinary students do not receive. College athletes receive free tuition, which would normally cost a registered student an average of $20,000 or more per year (“What's the Price Tag for a College Education”)? At the inception of each semester, the college athletes get the first…show more content…
The entire college experience for a college athlete is basically free. It would cost a registered student thousands of dollars to achieve the same compensation that the college athletes receive for free (“Should NCAA Athletes Be Paid”)? Imagine a situation in which college athletes did receive a salary. Many questions would arise. Should all college athletes receive a salary, or should it just be Division I? Do all athletes deserve a salary? Professional athletes receive thousands or millions of dollars, depending on their athletic capability? Should every college athlete that sits on the bench be paid, or only the significant players? How much should these athletes receive? If we thought our country was in debt, it would be ten times worse if we started to pay college athletes. Obviously paying college athletes would damage the economy. Do athletes deserve to be paid as a professional player, such as Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots? Many believe that college athletes are there to play sports, and more importantly earn an education. If college athletes show extreme potential in a professional league, they will often leave college after one year, and get drafted by a professional team. Those who support that college athletes should not receive a salary believe that the opportunity to play in the NCAA is reward enough. College athletes should not receive a salary, as their time spent in college is often very
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