Essay Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Whether or not college athletes should be paid or not is a highly debatable topic. College athletes are already receiving scholarships even if they may not be academically strong enough to attend certain schools. Athletes are trying to receive pay in college as a backup plan if they do not succeed at the pro level (McCauley 2015). Nevertheless, since college athletes have never been paid to play, there is no evidence that currently exists telling what would happen if such a thing were to occur. If a top tier college team is gaining a lot of public attention and the college is receiving loads of money for TV partnerships and sponsorships, maybe the athletes should receive what some of the college is given. On the other hand though, college athletes are no different from a regular person who got into a school and is attempting to fulfill a career. The question of pay is certainly still “up in the air.”…show more content…
For example, they have tried to give stipends to the athletes to help them pay their college expenses if they are struggling economically. Although, giving the athletes stipends would make the overall tuition cost for other students more expensive. Also stipends can be used a recruiting tools since each school has its own stipend depending on estimated overall costs of attendance. Universities have overestimated the federally defined costs of attendance order to increase stipends to athletes. However, other students do not benefit at all. Paying athletes makes it unfair for other students from a realistic and economical standpoint. A regular student is probably thinking that the athletes are students as well, so why should they get the money? Another example includes a student that can barely afford a tuition fee. Why should that student have to pay more money because another student is getting paid to go to
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