Essay Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Many athletes argue that because they do not have time to get a job, they should be paid by the university and have extra money to go out with friends or afford new clothes. However, many college students are broke and deal with these inconveniences on a daily basis. Not being able to afford things is a way of life in college. Playing at the collegiate level is something that all students’ athletes dream of, and for the most part is highest level of competition before the professional league. Over decades, college athletics have been giving a tremendous amount of their time to a program so that the team can have an opportunity to compete at their highest level against competition so that the program has the best chance to prove themselves as champions. Collegiate…show more content…
According to American Spectator, at some colleges and universities, the support may reach a value of $200,000 or more over a four-year period. Student-athletes may also receive special treatment when it comes to academic issues, for example priority scheduling, tutoring assistance, and excused absences, which already put them at an advantage over students. As you may know tuition fees are very expense and cause a lot of stress upon college students. Without a scholarship, most athletes probably would not be able to even enroll in a college. I feel like a scholarship should be enough for someone who has a true passion for the sport because its pays for their education, which is not cheap. Additionally, paying athlete may put many small universities at a greater disadvantage because most student athletes will probably start to decide where they will spend the college career based upon extra pay from the program instead of education, or larger schools with more revenue like University of Texas would essentially be able to buy out the best players for their
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