Serial Killers Research Paper

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Sometime after her brother’s death she receives ten thousand dollars from his life insurance policy. In May of 1981, Wuornos is arrested in Edgewater, Florida for armed robbery. After being convicted she was sent to prison for 13 months. Approximately 4 years later in Miami Florida, Aileen was arrested for grand theft auto, resisting arrest, and obstruction of justice. Six months later, on June 2 1986, Aileen was detained for questioning by a deputy sheriff in Volusia County, Florida, after a male companion alleged that while they were in his vehicle, she had pulled a gun on him and demanded two hundred dollars. During the incident, Aileen was found to be in possession of ammunition, and a .22 caliber pistol was recovered from under the seat she was sitting in. However, the records for this incident do not reveal an arrest (Blanco, 2003). In the spring of 1986, Wuornos and Tyria Moore meet for the first time at a gay bar in Daytona…show more content…
There gender is not limited either; there have been male, female, gay, and lesbian serial killers throughout history. The serial murder phenomenon has also been exhibited by a multitude of races of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Serial murderers whether organized or disorganized are not limited to sexual predators. Rather, their crimes encompass a broad range of violent activities, committed by different types of serial killers with diverse motives. These murderers and their motivations include but are not limited to: the depravations exhibited by the hedonistic serial killer or the degrading-acts of a Power & Control serial killer, the miss guided acts of the Mission-Oriented serial killer or the unintelligible acts of the Visionary serial killers. While these typologies reflect certain characteristics of serial killers, they are not definitive. There is no specific profile of a serial killer, each of them is

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