Serial Killer Research Paper

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Serial murders are rare occurrences, but have a profound impact on society. The focus is to explore and explain the issue of serial murder; identify its possible causes with an emphasis on psychological roots and propose remedies with a connection to psychological measures. Research findings tentatively indicate that serial murders stem from a highly complex interaction of sociological, biological and psychological factors (Cotter 61). In the context of narcissistic events, one human behavior aspect may be depicted as pathological and destructive and the basis for unhealthy ideals and feelings so that such individuals act in murderous and grandiose ways. Understanding the antecedents of serial killers would help device important steps and preventative…show more content…
Hedonistic serial killers derive pleasure from killing and view it as expendable means to satisfying their thrills, comfort, and lust. The power/control serial killers gain and exert control over their victims; they sexually abuse their victims (a form of dominating them) and eventually kill them. However, serial killers exhibit varying degrees of psychopathy and/or mental illness, which contribute to their homicidal acts. They may engage in partialism, necrophilia, and fetishism tendencies, as well as sadistic…show more content…
Serial killers, as destructive and pathological narcissists, vent their envy of and rage at a rejecting and hateful world by brutalizing and attacking others. As far as the object relations theories are concerned, it is alleged that serial murderers are influenced by predominantly the nature and quality of early dysfunctional object relationships which foster feelings of inadequacy, shame and pathologically low self-esteem (Knight 1192). Narcissistically protected by the compensatory grandiosity, these feelings cause revenge and violence. The pathological abuse and preoedipal unresponsive parenting generate uncontrollable aggression plus homicidal rage in children and finds its outlet through delinquency, cruelty, sadism, addictions, and eventually serial

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