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Popular TV shows such as CSI, NCIS, Dexter, and Criminal Minds contain plots based on homicides, and many times, serial killers. Such programs provide the needed storyline and developing characters, but also expose its audience to perpetrators that hide behind masks of normality. Notorious psychopaths, sociopaths, and other rampant murderers that premeditate murder and result in killing three or more people are most commonly referred to as serial killers; however this definition has been tainted with public speculation and stereotypes. The true definition of a serial killer derives from understanding the profile, motive, and victimology, and only then is it realized why America is struggling to apprehend these “monsters.” The “textbook signs”…show more content…
The psychopathic personality has multiple antisocial facets: self-absorbed, egotistic, superiority, and pleasure in demising others confidence. Although these are not invisible flaws to the public, blending into the crowd is not exceedingly difficult to these feigns. "Serial killers tend to be extraordinarily ordinary," says Fox. "What makes them dangerous is that they blend in well, and they're able to lure in victims who think that men who have children or are handsome and successful are safe"(Rys 2). While functioning quite well in the work place, a psychopath would gain trust and mobilize his victims by emulating desirable characteristics. Another key personality trait is impulsiveness; anything or anyone creating a barrier between real life and the sadistic fantasy is avoided at all costs. Organization is the only characteristic that varies; some plan every inch of their attack, though others feel an urge during random times and act…show more content…
To the untrained eye, a serial killer would stick out from the crowd like a homeless person; however they “are usually white and male, from the solid working class or lower-middle class, with average or above average intelligence or street smarts” (Costa 10). Their sadistic thoughts are contained like a jar about to burst, and when it does, that is when the fantasy transforms into a reality. Ted Bundy, for example, was one the America’s most prolific serial killers and has been described as an attractive male who was attending law school at the time of his killings. Usually women and minority groups do not have these tendencies; however, there is always the exception to the norm. Richard Ramirez, dubbed the villainous nickname of “Night Stalker”, was a Hispanic American serial killer who ran rapid through the streets, killing over a dozen people over the course of two years. Just like Ramirez, there is not tell-tale sign as to who is a psychopath or sociopath and when they will strike. There is not a unique pattern or textbook answer that links serial killers together besides their crime basis; each killer is unlike the

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