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Jesse Schnupp Mrs. Weaver-Kreider December 8, 2014 Academic Writing Psychological Disorders and Serial killers Difference between a mass murder and a Serial murder Serial Killers have been apart of the Worlds history for as long as people could document events. This Means that Serial killers will be around till time ends, But what is a serial killer and how do you define one? In the past Law enforcement defined a serial murder based on the number of victims which could range from two to ten over a period of time. This would then rule out the possibilities of it being a single or a double murder case. Acording to “The defanition of a serial killer varys depending on if a reasercher or a law enforcement agent is looking at the case…show more content…
which means there has to be a break in time to figure out if the case being investigated is a mass murder or a Serial murder. The break in time acording to “refers to an emotinal cooling off period that determins if it is a serial murder or a mass murder” “A mass murder is described as a number of murders usually 4 or more occurring during the same incident.” [] What this says is that there is no cooling off period compared to a serial murder. Generally a Mass murder will take place in a single location an example being the 2007 Virginia Tech murders. has established a number of points to help understand what gose through there head when determanign weather to rule out Mass murder. These points include, One or more offenders, two or more murdered victims, and that the incidents should occur in separate events at different times. The Serial Killer Phenomenon In an article titled “The Serial Killer Phenomena,” Dr. Michael Welner, a forensic psychologist states, “People say evil is like pornography, they know it when they see it, but can debate whether or when it is harmful.” This relates to the argument of what is evil? Many people would probably argue that evil is determined from the act that has been committed. Which is somewhat true, but not all people commit acts to do

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