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There are many motivations for serial killings including anger, thrill, financial gain, sex, and attention seeking. Their killing is the custom of their life and a concrete sign of the combinations of personal motivations and fear. The insane do not have moral consciousness and they know the difference between good and evil, and they do not mind it and do lack feelings of regret or a sense of guilt. They don't know how to have empathy for others because of their psychopathic nature. There are four categories of the motives of serial killers such as visionary, mission-oriented, hedonistic and power or control. Visionary serial killers suffer from psychotic breaks with reality. They work as a murderer by a visual and auditory hallucination. They think…show more content…
As for this kind of murderer, it is thought that it is not for mental disease. For example, Herbert Mullin is a serial killer who committed 13 murders in California. He believed that he was taking orders from God and what he did was only obeying his commandments. Mission-oriented killers think that they should remove the specific group such as homosexual, a prostitute, and people of different ethnicity or religion; however, they are generally not psychotic. Rather than kill because they feel compelled to do so by an entity, the mission-oriented killer makes a decision to kill. They think that they contribute to the society by spoiling an unfavorable group. Joseph Paul Franklin who is a mission-oriented Sadistic Killers. He killed as many as 12 young black males who had relationship to white female companions. He identified a group of interracial relationships, and he killed them. The hedonistic sadistic killers commits murder for one's greed and pleasure. There are three subtypes of the hedonistic killer such as lust, thrill, and comfort. The main motive of the lust killer is eroticism. In brief, it is sexual

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