The Pros And Cons Of The Industrial Revolution

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There were many positives and negatives of the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution led to hiring many immigrants. This helped with buying needs for them and their families. It also led to inventions that improved the economy and still are used today. This impacted the way they lived and made it easier to work and do other things. However, the working conditions for immigrants were very unhealthy. They also had very low pay, and long working hours. Many immigrants and their families lived in tenements which was just as bad as the factories. The Industrial Revolution also led to Urbanization which was beneficial, but at the same time caused many problems for the economy. There are many positives. One of those positives is that…show more content…
One negative is the working conditions for immigrants. The pay was very low due to immigrants coming into the country. They would need jobs no matter what, so the low pay would have to do for enough to live on. The factories most of them worked in were usually unsanitary, very hot, and unsafe. Workers got diseases, became injured, or even resulted in death. They worked long hours a day and either most of the week or all week. Another negative is tenement. Mostly poor immigrants of all ages stayed in these. This was because Urbanization was leading more and more people into the cities. Tenements are small apartment houses. Many families lived in one room and it was over crowded. Many things in them did not work such as water and sewage systems. They were very dirty and pretty much unlivable, but they managed. Some kids and families slept on the street because there was no room in the tenements, or they did not have one to live in. Also, many of the families complained about the conditions, and how the kids would play on the street and cause illnesses in the area that they lived in. Before the Industrial Revolution there was not that much pollution, but with all the factories happening it started polluting the air more. Disposing of toxic waste also became an issue. They dumped the toxic waste rivers and would pollute water. People used water for many things which also caused more illnesses and unhealthy
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