Anne Bradstreet And Millay Essay

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Throughout time there have been many great poems written by skilled poets. Anne Bradstreet and Edna St. Vincent Millay are two remarkable examples. Bradstreet was a Puritan who lived in New England during colonial America. Millay was an active feminist who lived through both World War One and World War Two. I will be comparing their poems through the process of analyzing the tone, theme, and then state if the author could write each other’s poem or a man. Both authors have written great poems about love. Each poem has its own tone. The tone of Millay’s poem revolves around independence and being strong. Millay show this through the imagery used in the poem. “Love is not all: it is not mean nor drink” (Line 1 Millay), in this line Millay show the audience how she does not rely on love to feed her and states that “ love is not all”. The tone of Bradstreet’s poem is the complete opposite of Millay’s. The tone of her poem can be described as caring and humble. Bradstreet shows these elements in the following quotes: “If ever two were one, then surely we” (Line one Btadstreet), “Or all the riches that the East doth hold” (Line 6 Bradstreet). These two poems have completely different tones; one represents the idea that a woman does not need…show more content…
Millay states: that love is not all, love does not feed you, and that love does not house you, “Nor slumber nor a roof against the rain” (Line 2 Millay). The quote demonstrations the concept that love does not house you. On the other hand the theme of Bradstreet’s poem notions unconditional love and humbleness. Bradstreet displays the first theme by stating that there is no other women in the world who love hers husband like she loves hers “Compare with me ye woman if you can” (Line 4 Millay). The second theme is humility, “I praise thy love more than whole mines of gold” (Line 5 Bradstreet). Both poems showed there excellent themes through the use of imagery in an extraordinary

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