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Serial Killer Joseph E. Duncan, III Serial killers are labeled as sociopaths with antisocial personalities. Serial killers and Serial murders are very complex. Serial killers have always existed; they have fascinating imaginations of people for a long time. “By definition a serial killer murders at least three victims over an extended period of time but with cooling-off periods in between homicides”, (Holmberg, 2010). One of the major misconception is that offenders really do not have a set profile. “The killers often appear to be normal; that is quiet if not upstanding neighbors with mundane jobs, neither ugly nor highly attractive”, (Holmberg, 2010). There are different types of serial killers and one type is; power and control serial…show more content…
There are several studies that have documented the correlation between child abuse and future juvenile delinquency. Children who have experienced abuse are nine times more likely to become involved in criminal activities (Gold, Wolan Sullivan, & Lewis, 2011).” Although it does not directly state the correlation between abuse and serial killing, it does cover how they are more comfortable with committing crimes and care less about the consequences of those crimes. Childhood abuse is very common in serial killers. “Childhood abuse has been given varying levels of blame in the development of serial killers. De Becker (1997) quoted Ressler’s research and stated that “100 percent [of serial killers] had been abused as children, either with violence, neglect, or humiliation” (Mitchell). This is a very scary thought it helps to explain what makes serial killers click and how damaging a bad childhood can affect a person. If the story about Duncan’s abuse as a child is true then I do believe that the things he did to his victims was due to his…show more content…
Duncan has raped at least thirteen boys before he even turned sixteen. He has murdered at least four of these children. Duncan has a long history of sexual violence. His first crime known was in 1978 in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington. Duncan was only 15 years old when he raped a nine-year old boy at gunpoint. He was sentenced as a juvenile and he admitted to his therapist that he had sexually assaulted six boys. In 1980 Duncan was clinically diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder while he was locked up for the abduction of a 14 year old boy and he sodomized him at gunpoint. Duncan was sentenced to 20 years in prison, but was eventually released on parole in

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