What Was General Washington's Role In The American Revolution

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Military Intelligence has played a vital role in every major war throughout world history and in many instances, the victor had success due to the utilization of intelligence. The Colonial Army, during The American Revolutionary War, was no different than many other armies that had come before it. General George Washington identified a need for intelligence during the war and elected to create a spy, or special operations, unit in order to fill the void of current and valid intelligence. This realization led General Washington to create the United States’ first unit dedicated to conducting reconnaissance, surveillance, and other military intelligence disciplines still in use today that played a significant role during the American Revolution (DIA Public Affairs Office, 2014). The purpose of this paper will be to briefly examine General Washington’s reasoning to create Knowlton’s Rangers, their mission, and finally, one of the most famous spies throughout history, Nathan…show more content…
First, Knowlton’s Rangers were the first unit of its kind with the purpose of conducting reconnaissance, surveillance, and conducting raids. The modern day Rangers of the 75th Ranger Regiment and Long Range Surveillance Companies trace their lineage back to Knowlton’s Rangers of the American Revolution. The lessons learned from these pioneers have been paramount to the development of tactics and techniques used in the Army and Military Intelligence community for over 200 years. CPT Hale failed as a spy, but his failure can highlight the requirements for a spy to the military intelligence community if we are willing to examine history. As previously discussed, CPT Hale lacked the formal training that every Human Intelligence Collector learns during Advanced Individual Training, which could mean the difference between life and death and mission
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