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In the twisted minds of those who murder, rape, and torture over and over again, it is more than just murder. It is a passion. Serial killers unlike a “typical” individual, turn to violence and death in order to feed their gruesome thrill and addiction. Society views serial killers as they are portrayed in films or TV shows. There’s Dexter, the average looking Miami male. However, Dexter is a serial killer, who lives a casual life while feeding his need to kill by getting rid of all the “bad guys” in Miami. Then there’s Michael Myers, a 6ft 8in man who wore a terrifying mask, armed with a machete. Michael Myers killed anyone who got in his way during the manhunt for all his relatives. These are just two of the most infamous fictional serial killers known today. More include: The Jigsaw Killer, Leatherface, Chucky, and Dr. Hannibal Lecter. These characters were created to not only be feared on the big screen, but also in real life. There is however many reasons why serial killers are who they are, no one can be born a serial killer.…show more content…
Ed Gein would skin his victims and decorate his home with their body parts. One of the most famous methods was that of Jack the Ripper, who till this day is still unidentified. He would only kill during the weekends very early in the morning, all but one of his victims were killed by strangulation. He would cut the victim’s throat draining all the blood, before he began to remove the organs. All these appalling Modus Operandi by killers can show a lot about them. Gien was proud of what he did, and found pleasure in it. While Jack the Ripper was more than likely experienced in the surgical field. Modus Operandi distinguishes one serial killer from another, it makes him/her who they are. Not just another

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