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• 1.2- The sequence of development is a specific order of milestones that children and young people meet and achieve. All aspects of development including social, emotional, intellectual, language and physical start from birth and continue in to early adult life and it’s within all these areas that a pattern is made. For example a baby will learn to hold its head up before it can sit up and walk before it can run. • The rate of development describes how quick a child takes to achieve these milestones as the speed can vary from child to child. An example of this a baby at nine months could be crawling but then another could not start crawling until they are 11 months old. This can then hold back further development. It is important to…show more content…
For example if a child is blind or deaf then learning to do daily things is a struggle like if a blind person is to trying to learn to eat with a knife and fork they have to use different senses like touch to achieve this. Also if a child is deaf then learning to communicate is very hard. • 2.2- External factors are including poverty and deprivation, family environment and background, personal choices, looked after/care status, education. An example of this is when parents may not have enough money to eat properly, live in a nice area or even be able to afford to take their children out on educational visits. This can affect their child’s…show more content…
Examples of this are for social skills and abilities a baby aged 6-12 months recognises known people to them and strangers. Fine physical skills and abilities at the same age group can pass objects from one hand to the other. Gross motor skills and abilities they can crawl and sit up un supported. Cognitive/Intellectual skills and abilities at the age of 12-24 months can point to parts of the body. Communication skills and abilities 12-24 months they can start to put two words together. Emotional skills and abilities at 3-6 months they can express what they need by crying or

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