Analysis Of Eliezer Wiesel's Night

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This massacre left six million people dead and millions of people victims of heartbreak. During the holocaust, Hitler imprisoned millions of Jews in thousands of concentration camps. By imprisoning and murdering Jews, he was achieving his goal of dehumanizing and exterminating the Jewish race. In the novel Night, Eliezer Wiesel is a preteen Jew that is forced to leave his home with no knowledge of what is to come. He is imprisoned and tortured in one of the concentration camps along with his father and other Jews. Filled with hate, Hitler used tactics such as starving them, beating them, and stripping them of everything to achieve his ultimate goal. Starvation was one of the appalling tactics used to make the Jews mirror wild animals. In…show more content…
With guns pointed at them, the Jews were welcomed into the camp by the screams of the Nazis telling them to strip. Frightened, Wiesel striped off his clothes. He recalls the Nazi yelling, “Strip! Fast! Los! Keep only your belts and shoes in your hands!” (Wiesel 26). Not only were they stripped of their clothes, but they were also shaved. Standing fully exposed, the Jews were completely vulnerable as the Nazis chastised them. At the camp as the initiation process progressed, the Nazis engraved a number onto the Jews’ arms. When they were engraved, they were stripped of their name and became nothing but the number they were given. The Jews became branded like cattle on the way to the slaughter house. The Nazis did this to show how little they cared about the Jews or their identities. When their name was taken from them, they lost their tie to humanity. During the novel Night, by Eliezer Wiesel, the former Jewish prisoner recall the specific events that occurred during Hitler’s attempt to dehumanize him along with other prisoners. Eliezer and the other Jews faced severe starvation, harsh beatings, and being stripped down to the point they are nothing but an object. They were treated like stray animals that no one cares about or knows their identity. While Hitler and the Nazis used other tactics to dehumanize the Jews, starving, beating, and stripping them were the most affective.

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