Suspense In Psycho

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Introduction Within the film industry, Alfred Hitchcock has been regarded as one of the successful filmmakers of his time having directed more than 50 films. This was in respect to the various techniques he made use of in bringing out the genre in his films. Such techniques have been used within the film industry portraying good use of narrative functions, elements of mis-en-scene, editing and sound. The unique techniques as he made use of in his film “Psycho” will be analyzed in this essay. Psycho, as directed by Hitchcock combines both tension and horror. The balance between the two genres by Hitchcock ensures the movie brings out its intended genre in regards to the thrill and suspense it offers viewers. The movie depicts Hitchcock’s know-how and unparalleled knowledge when it comes to psychological thrillers. This essay will analyze its narration techniques, elements of mis-en-scene, editing and sound aspects. This will be in respect to the three scenes. The first one being the scene in the office where there’s a dialogue between Marion, Cassidy and Lowery, where she…show more content…
Hitchcock’s demonstration of such a pattern is evident in the scene where Marion manages to take off with $40,000. Marion was just from her lunch break, returning to her office. She is engaged in a dialogue before she takes off, and later seen standing in a black bra and skirt in the next scene. Hitchcock in the first scene portrays Marion as a character with intense desires of remaining with his husband Sam despite the burdens they have faced financially in their already failed marriage. This is evident in the acting and discourse scene which takes place between Cassidy, Lowery and Marion, Hitchcock persuades the audience into identifying with Marion. Thus, the audience through the acting and discourse amongst the characters side with Marion, especially when she decides to loot the
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