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James duthie Mrs.nuse Geography The gulag prison camps were an unfair way of punishment.the gulag prison camps were the prisons back then. They were located in russia and one of the most known ones is located in Siberia,Russia. In the paragraphs below i will show how the gulag prison camps were extremely unfair. I will not only show the unjust system but how the prisoners were treated. How the camps were profitable and what the priosns were like. The gulag prison camps were an unjust way of punishment. Gulags treated there prisoners badly in so many ways. The prisoners had to suffer through many unfair punishments. Prisoners sentencing could be extremly unfair with the way they do it. Prisoners could get sentenced to prison in the blink of an eye. They could be put in the jail for a long time for no reason at all. It also…show more content…
Some jobs were extremly dangerous. For example prisoners were forced to work in uranium mines which are deadly. The radiation could kill you. Just being in there will have longterm affects on your life such as cancer. That was unfair to put prisoners in a job where they have no choice and its guarenteed to cause you problems and even death. One of the worst parts of the gulag prison camps was how was when they invaded the country. They had sent prisoners from the country at random to go and be there slaves. What would happen is they would have work quotas and find people on the street to go away and work for them. For doing absoloutly nothing except for living in the country and being in the wrong place and time they were sent to a prison it didnt matter who they would send children also. So they were sent to a horrible work just so the government could make money. Survivors from it say how they were plucked off the streets to be sent to work. That by itself should make the gulag prison camps be portrayed as a horrible,miserable place. This isnt all however there is still alot to

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