Myrtle Gatsby Influence

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In the Great Gatsby, each protagonist represents a member of his or her class. All conflict among three classes, either external or internal, is concentrated to a relatively short timeframe. From the appearance of mysterious Gatsby to his death, the conflict among characters erupts in a rapid rate followed by a sudden climax. Author omitted rigmarole for love story between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan. Instead, the love history between the two does not appear until the middle of the book. Conflict between newborn rich and upper class soon erupts following the meeting with other upper class members such as Tom. The sudden climax of the conflict appears as Wilson George coming to kill him. Tom Buchanan’s defiance for social change is consistent and unconscious through the development of the story. His defiance has been placed in the background of the novel since the beginning to be the shadow of defiance from other two social classes. Myrtle George’s first appearance is a conflict with social convention about gender role. Her defiance is explicit as conscious self-actions to change her lower class identity. Concentrating Myrtle’s defiance, author omitted majority of her affair with Tom and…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald created a literature masterpiece to reflect cultural elements in the post World War I era. In the roaring twentieth, massive people moved from suburban or rural era to urban centers to seek financial opportunities and better life. At that era, new social class emerged and challenged old upper class authority. Class different among upper class, newborn rich and lower class constantly created conflicts in the hope to restore old order and have better life. Other group such as feminists and African Americans also committed revolution to win social and economical equality at that era. Defiance was a general social phenomenon at that era. Defiance towards shifting class, ethnical and sexual revolution all contributed to general defiance in the roaring
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