Senses Reflection

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Throughout the first week of labs, we have learned about processing style, hemisphere dominance, basal profile, 5 steps/5 questions, WOMMP and aspects of participation. In this essay, I am going to talk about how those senses reflect in my own personal life with real experience and events. In regards to information processing style, I have noted that some of the physical senses like kinesthetic (movements/demonstration), visual, and auditory are an important part of my life. There are six different ways of taking in those physical senses (KAV, KVA, AVK, AKV, VAK, and VKA. K is kinesthetic, V is visual, and A is auditory). Falling under these six-different ways of the physical senses, I see myself fitting under VKA (Kinesthetic/Visual/Auditory).…show more content…
In class, we did an eye dominant test; we made a triangle with our hand with straight hand distance. Both eyes needed to be open and looking at the center of the hand. Staying centered in the right eye shows that your right eye is dominant, same with the left eye. In my case, when I practice this test I can see the triangle stays centered in the right eye therefore my right eye is more dominant than the left. Based on the test I can tell that my basal profile for my eyes dominant sense is visually acute. I did an ear test where I listened to music and put my right finger into my right ear. I noticed how difficult it is to listen to music. After that, I reversed the ear in order to see the difference. I found out that my right ear is more dominated than the left ear. An example of this at work is I always listen to a conversation with my right ear when my colleagues give out the directions to perform tasks. Base on the test and example, I can tell that my basal profile for an ear dominant sense is auditorally acute. It is a fact that I prefer to write with my right hand. Based on that, I can tell that my basal profile for hand dominant sense is communication acute. Finally in terms of my feet, I did a trust fall test; while I was performing the test my right foot stepped out first followed by my left. Base on this, I can tell that my basal profile for foot dominant sense is

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