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Flash point and Fire point:- Flash point is defined as the lowest temperature at which the fuel gives off sufficient vapours and ignites for a moment. The fire point is the temperature at which vapours burns continuously for five seconds. The fire point is always higher than flash point by 5 to 8°C.Flash point is important from safety view point, this temperature should be high. The flash and fire point indicates the temperature below which, oil can handle without any danger of fire. Volatility:- Volatility affects the ignition quality of fuel. It should be sufficiently volatile in the operating range of temperature to produce good mixing and combustion. The volatility exhaust, High volatile fuel also helps in starting the engine easily as…show more content…
We are already at risk because the level of greenhouse gas already high. CO2 is the gas responsible for keeping the earth’s climate warm to a higher temperature by reducing outward radiations. However, an excess amount of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere is building up due to fossil fuel emissions that contain large quantities of CO2. The natural process of heating and cooling of the earth’s surface: the ultraviolet (UV) rays coming from the Sun hit the earth’s surface and warm the earth. These UV rays, after hitting the Earth’s surface, should then be bounced back up into the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect: The unnatural accumulation of CO2 in the lower atmosphere is forming a thick blanket. The UV rays travelling from the Sun are able to penetrate the CO2 blanket. The trapped UV rays are remaining near the earth’s surface and this is reflected in the increased incidence of cancer among the world’s population. The additional heat that is now being trapped near the earth’s surface is also causing a general rise in global temperatures and a melting of million year old glaciers. As a result, weather patterns are being affected. A shifting of weather patterns will cause storms, heat waves and droughts that will lead to possible crop failures and famines. Tropical diseases will increase due to the increase in temperature. Rising ocean and lake levels will lead to coastal

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