Lesson Plan Grade 3 Reflection

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lesson Plan Magnets Gravity and Machines K to Grade 3 Reflection A kindergarten class is a place where a teacher can get students full of energy and prone to put their hand is discovery activities that help them to understand new academic concepts that will provide them the foundation for future academic years and provide them with facts that helps them to understand their own nature and how the world works. Taking that in consideration the student candidate prepared a science lesson for kindergarten tht encompass children in the five senses recognition function by preparing excited activities where all type of learners has a share and ultimately have fun while being instructed. The teaching time took place in a classroom where a previous lesson was implemented. This fact contributed to a successful and strengthening experience for the children and teacher candidate. The other element that help the lesson implementation was that the candidate prepared in advance all materials needed it for every planned task. For example, the teacher made the vocabulary, five senses and body part picture cards, cut the pieces of fabric for the touch sense activity and put together the scented recycled pill canisters. Besides each lesson fragment was carefully chosen to encourage…show more content…
During the introductory part of the lesson the teacher use question such as what fruit this is, what color, shape, what do you see by looking at the apple, How the apple feels, How the apple taste and smell. This time in the lesson allow children with time to think in the answers and provoke curiosity for the topic. The rest of the lesson tasks like guided and indirect activities provide many more chance for the children to answer or formulate questions. The children have a positive attitude toward the questions formulates during the lesson and showed a willing

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