Culture Shock Case Study

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Research Questions The study’s aim is to identify expatriate workers who have gone through culture shock whilst working in Accra Ghana, define culture shock, understand and explain how to overcome it. The research will be looking at the various forms of culture shock that are peculiar to expatriates coming to Africa. And try to figure out how these various forms of psychological cultural traumas can be surmounted. The research is mainly qualitative because qualitative research tends to focus on how differently people or groups of people look and react to reality. It also studies people’s behaviours in a natural setting and uses people’s accounts as data without any manipulation of the variables. The study will be conducted using phenomenological…show more content…
Some considerations have been made, which may result in reasonable containment of the scope of the work; Gender will not be considered, personal beliefs such as religion or socio-political orientation are not also considered. This study is delimited to only expatriates from countries other than those in Africa who are working in Accra Ghana. African have similar experiences like electricity cuts, complete lack of electricity in some areas, lack of proper transportation, lack of good drinking water and so on. Africans moving from one African country to another African country have already experienced these things, but for expatriates the experience is completely…show more content…
A lot of people set out to other countries either to work, to study or to work as missionaries. These individuals typically go through some psychological ordeals and difficulties that hamper their ability to work well under these circumstances. This study is focused on workers that come from developed countries to Africa in the bid to establish themselves in their given assignments, to find out what cultural adjustment difficulties they might have encountered, what psychological trauma they might have under gone and how/if they have overcome it. The study will be beneficial to companies sending their workers to Africa, the workers, the academia, as well as African governments who can identify ways of making improvements for expatriates to help them quickly settle in when they come to Africa from home their countries. Dissertation Structure The Dissertation will follow the modality of having five chapters which will be broken down as follows; chapter one will cover the statement of problem, chapter two will cover the literature review, chapter three will explain the methodology adopted for the research, chapter four will deal with the data and findings of the research, and chapter five will elaborate on the conclusions deduced as well as the recommendations for future research. Summary

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