The Importance Of The Puritan's Journey To The New World

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When the Puritans were planning their trip to the New World, they saw possibilities they could not see in England. They wanted to be free to build their own godly community, but they did not want to separate completely from the churches in England. They wanted to establish a community that others looked up to. They wanted to move to this new land that had so much potential. The Puritans found the opportunities they were looking for when they decided to move across the water to New England and were successful in building what they called a “city on a hill.” One of the main reasons why the Puritans chose to journey into the New World was because they wanted to preserve their religion and morality. They believed they could do this by traveling to America, except they did not want to become separatists. They believed that separating from…show more content…
It was getting very over populated in England, so moving to a place with so much space helped this problem. They wanted a place that would be fit to work and raise their families. They found tons of land when they entered into America. During the journey, the group realized that they might not be able to survive though. They were hungry and the summer conditions were not helping. Although the first couple of months were rough for them, “most of those who remained realized that they had seen the worst and were ready to stick it out” (p. 57). They felt that it could only get better from then on. As more and more people continued to arrive, they began settling all up and down the east coast. “As soon as spring came the colonists began planting the champion ground in and around their settlements” (p.59). They grew into seven settlements that stretched from Salem to Dorchester. More ships continued to sail over to the New World bringing food, clothing, glass, pots, saws, etc. They now did not have to worry about survival in this new

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