The Importance Of Kinship In Society

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Introduction Kinship is one of the most crucial organizing principles of society. It is one of the oldest and primary institutions found in every society. This institution establishes connections between the individuals and groups. Individuals in all societies bound to each other by different kind of bonds. It is commonly assumed, that the most important bonds are those based on marriage. Thus, my paper is aimed to collect and analyze the data of the marriage relationship and all other relationships resulting from that in the kinship system of one individual - Mr.X, based on the methods designed by Henry Morgan and W.H.R. Rivers. Mr.X Sadyk was born in People’s Republic of China (PRC) on 4 December of 1996. His mother and father both, Kazakhs…show more content…
2015). The mr.X’s family is not, as long as their practice of descriptive kinship, the marriage relationship and its results (children) is more privileged among other descent relationship. Therefore, it was a necessary obligation of each individual of that group to marry. In the matrilineal descent, there are seven children, six of them girls and only one boy. First was married the third sister (Zhanyl) at a very early age being fifteen years old. She was run away from her family in order to marry to her lover, as long as her parents did not give their permission to this marriage. I assume, that the third sister’s marriage is an example of passionate love, because it lasted only for 6 years, afterward this couple was divorced. After this story, parents obligated to their other child firstly get a higher education degree, only then they allowed to make their own alliances. Mr. X assumes that after his aunts and uncle were educated, they stopped to believing into romantic love, and was seeking for marriage based on economic satisfaction. That is the reason why two mother’s sisters married to the rich Chinese man, which was considered as prohibited marriage according to «kurultai». Only one sister’s marriage and brother’s marriage The last one who married, was Mr. X mother -Zhanylar never wanted to marry, because of the…show more content…
The principle of seven ancestors is connected with marriage rules, sex regulation, and incest taboo (Muldagaliyeva et al. 2015). Thus, Mr.X is not allowed to marry a person who shares a common ancestor within his seven generations, because it will be counted as incest. However, despite the stated information by Muldagilyieva (2015) that endogamy is prohibited in Kazakh kinship system. According to mr.X, he can marry his mother’s sister and mother’s brother daughter, as long as they do not share seven ancestors. Still, I suppose that endogamy is rarely practiced in contemporary Kazakh society. Speaking about the concept of polygamy, in accordance to direct inquiry of mr.X, it seems that both mother side and father side found to be polygamous. Nevertheless, mr.X as a «true» Kazakh believes that if he could afford to treat economically and intimately equal each wife, he will have a two or more wife in order to resolve the demographic problems by fulfilling his needs to have as many children as possible. But, the loved one and the superior one will be his first

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