Self Reflective Analysis

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Since acceptance into the School of Nursing, I have been apprehensive about this course. Although I do not believe anxiety or fear of failure should in anyway consume someone, I believe having an appreciation for the mass amount of responsibility associated with administering medications is necessary. While preparing for this exam the sheer volume of material was overwhelming, and I feared that I would be unable to absorb it as well as I feel I need to in order to be a responsible and knowledgeable. Although I read and took notes on every chapter, watched the lectures, and completed the assignments; I worried that I was not absorbing all of the information that was presented to me. I soon realized, just like you had mentioned, that it was utterly impossible to effectively and entirely memorize all of the information that was to be covered on this exam. Instead, I focused on each classification and it’s mode of action. By focusing on the mode of action, I was able to determine its indication, cautions and contraindications, and adverse effects. Throughout preparing for this exam, I have been reminded that the art and science of…show more content…
However, I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about respiratory medications, due to my mom’s severe asthma. My mom’s asthma affected me quite a bit as a little girl, and I know first hand what the right medication can do for a patient and their family. Nothing is more scary than seeing your mom gasp for air with a panicked look on her face, and praying that her rescue inhaler works. Growing up, I can remember her disease not being well controlled due to her fear of taking a steroid-based bronchodilator while in her child baring years. As I got older it was amazing to see the change in her quality of life, and the whole family’s to be honest, once she started taking salmeterol
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