Overcoming Barriers To Communication In Health And Social Care

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This week we learnt about the barriers to communication and the factors to overcoming these barriers, for example training and building relationships. We also learnt that there are several aids to communication so it can be carried out effectively, such as an advocate, interpreters, and mentors or technological aids such as hearing aids, loop systems, voice activated software, pictures and signs. Learning these have been useful because these are the barriers I may have to consider in my future career when dealing with service users. The problem I have is not being able to read a person quickly therefore I don't know the barriers that they may have straight away, to overcome this I will need to understand how to recognise a person with a barrier…show more content…
Argyle (1972) came up with the theory of the communication cycle, he believed that the following 6 key terms apply during communication. Idea occurs, Message code, Message sent, Message received, message decoded and finally message understood. An example of this cycle in a health and social care setting would be a person realising they are unwell, this is the first stage of the communication cycle and that they need to go to the doctors, this is them thinking of an idea to overcome their problem. The second stage would be them making an appointment to see the doctor, the third stage of message sent is telling the doctor their problem or why they are ill, the type of communication used is verbal. The fourth stage is the doctor receiving the message of the patient’s problems, he then tries to understand the patient’s problem and then finally he diagnoses and treats the patient as he understands the message. I thought that Argyle's cycle is useful in understanding the stages of affective communication as this is what everyone does everyday in most conversations even if we don't realise it, if there is a communication barrier, one of the stages will work effectively causing misunderstanding and…show more content…
One activity I found the most interesting was the SWOT analysis(Humphrey, 1960), we had to write down our strengths in one box, weaknesses in another then think of opportunities we can do in order to improve our weaknesses. Finally, we had to think of possible threats that may prevent us from these opportunities. I found this self-assessment useful because I was able to identify my weaknesses and think of opportunities I can do to Improve them. I found this analysis important as one of my weaknesses was time management, which is an important skill you need as a health practitioners. I now know the opportunities i need to overcome this weakness, my time management is improving, which will hopefully become a strength in the near future. One of my strengths is Organisation skills which helps me in my day to day activities. However some people may think this is a negative skill as it stops you from learning from your mistakes and others around

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