Persuasive Essay On Drinking And Driving

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If you ban students from being able to drive you are making them feel like they don’t have any rights. You’re also making them feel like everything that they had wanted to do is being taken away from them. Why crowd the buses up, when the kids can drive themselves? It’s something that they want to do. I personally don’t see how it would reduce any traffic. Although banning them from driving may seem like the right choice it most definitely isn’t. We all wait for the moment when we get to drive to school, and be in our own vehicles, and meeting up with our friends. We look forward to the day that we can say we have our own license. It’s a huge step in our lives that includes, responsibilities, pride, and if you’re like me than power. We’re young adults, and we deserve to be treated like adults too. If we have a license, and a car, than the whole point is to drive to school. If we live within the bus service we should be given a choice. I want to be able to have freedom, and banning me to drive to…show more content…
A lot of us also work, and we sometimes have to go right after school, so it wouldn’t be fair for us, because we didn’t plan on not being able to drive. Also, saying that banning students from driving is going to help reduce traffic, and tardiness is crazy. I can speak from a senior’s standpoint, and say that senioritis has kicked in, I personally don’t want to be at school, and I haven’t really cared much to be at school. So banning us from driving doesn’t make sense because it could be the actual person who is behind the wheel, you can’t say everyone is being tardy, and blaming them for the traffic because it might not be their fault. You can’t make a general statement to all the students, when it isn’t everyone. Blaming the students for traffic is also absurd, we go to school with over 2000 students in it. Not everyone rides the bus or gets dropped

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