Movie Analysis: Orange Is The New Black

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Movie Analysis: Orange is the New Black Orange is the New Black the series, is based on Piper Kerman’s memoir Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison. The series follows Piper Chapman an affluent New Yorker who is sent to a women’s federal prison for transporting drug money across international borders ten years prior. While in prison, Piper crosses paths with a variety of women from diverse backgrounds. With help from these women Piper not only learns valuable life lessons, but she also learns how to navigate this world that is unknown to her. For, the purposes of this paper I will use season two episode four to analysis the character Poussey Washington. Poussey is an educated, funny, and outspoken woman, who is supportive and…show more content…
isolation. She desire’s to be in love with someone and to have that love reciprocated. In many ways her relationship with Taystee is reflective of her desires. Taytsee genuinely cares about Poussey and her well-being; she is Poussey’s confidante and biggest supporter in the prison, but she is not interested in Poussey romantically. Based on a romantic perspective their relationship is very one-sided. In an episode during season one Poussey made an advance and kissed Taystee, but Taytsee pulled away and explained, “ that they’ve already been through this”. This statement indicates that this is not the first time Poussey made an advance toward Taystee. The pain and rejection that Possuey feels is evident on her face. Taystee reassures Poussey that she will always be there for her, but Poussey states that would not be…show more content…
These transitions may occur due to a sudden major shift in the family structure (birth of multiples), a shift in autonomy (adolescent moving away for college) or as a result of external factors that cause stress for the family (new career, moving to a new community). Poussey and her family are in the leaving home: emerging young adults stage of the family life cycle. During this phase adolescents are accepting emotional and financial responsibility for self. How Poussey and her family navigate and experience this stage may differ significantly than others families in this same life cycle because Poussey is

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