Jeb Bush: A Case Study

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As a simple physics concept “Entropy” states, everything has a tendency to go to the state of disorder, including a group, a society, or a country. Thus, in order to prevent the “Entropy” from happening, a leader or central force is necessary. In this case, which is for a country, a president is needed. I would like to present the candidate I chose, Jeb Bush. Jeb was born in 1953 in Texas and he went to the University of Texas, Austin. He was able to obtain a B.A. Degree there. After his graduation, he went to South America for work, then he came back and moved to Florida in 1980. He started his real estate career there and was quite successful in the field. Due to his extraordinary deeds, he was named the Secretary of Commerce in 1986, then…show more content…
For example, his fiscal plans had helped the state’s reverses to raise from $1.3 billion to $9.8 billion. This sounds pretty astounding already, but this isn’t all. Most importantly, he made all these improvements without raising taxes. Isn’t this all we have been dreaming about? Raising the economy! He did it! Under his governing, Florida’s economy had increased by almost 8 times! So I have a reason to believe his plans will help the American economy to grow little by little. In addition, he cut Floridians’ taxes by $19 billion during his eight years governor career. Now here’s another attracting fact that shocks us all. Tax has always been a huge problem among the citizens and all those politicians. Jeb Bush was able to deal with this big problem with his plans. That means he has the ability to deal with the potentially incoming economic problems. Another fact, Jeb Bush cut the size of the government by 6.6% and vetoed over $2 billion in additional spending. This is very important ability for a leader. Using the money on the point where it should be spent instead of using the money to do something that doesn’t help the citizens or doesn’t help to improve the quality of living. Since Jeb Bush has proved that he is capable of doing this, he should be doing quite well in dealing with economy problems. Today’s…show more content…
Here is an example. Jeb Bush was very eager to help the children to get better educations. When he was the governor, he implemented many plans such as “A+ plan” to help to improve the teaching system and the education experiences. We doubtlessly consider the children, the next generation will be the future owner of this country. Although the old ones did amazing job to keep the country running and going better and better, the children are the younger ones, and they have more potential to change the world than the old ones. Jeb’s devotion for kids will lead the country to a brighter tomorrow, I believe. Another example, Jeb Bush had married a Mexican wife. This action of him proves that he is a multicultural person. He is willing to accept the cultural diversity situation in America. To be honest, there are many many different people with different cultures living in the U.S. Jeb Bush’s willingness to be multicultural will surely be a good point that supports him to be the president. Last example would be that he loves to stay close to his citizens. He actually chats with his citizens through email. Not only that, he also talk to his citizens about his new policies and his new plans. He really consider his citizen as a part of his heart, as a piece of his mind. Who wouldn’t want a governor to actually care about what his/her

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