Jeremy Rifkin's Essay A Change Of Heart About Animals

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Animal rights, a controversial topic discussed across the nation and responsible for saving and protecting animals. Animal rights is the belief that animals should have certain rights just as humans do. Should animals have a Bill of Rights, the sames rights as humans? Domestic animals should have a Bill of rights for their protection and safety but not with same rights as humans. Such a law will not go against centuries of human culture. Providing domestic animals such as livestock and pets, with a Bill of Rights will not give these animals rights that supersede human rights. animals described as pet such as dogs and cats are being abused daily and so such is being done for these victims it still continues. In Jeremy Rifkin’s article A change of Heart about Animals, he explains why we as humans must have empathy for animals. In his article, Rifkin gives the reader studies done on animals from well renowned universities to support his argument that animals experience the same emotions as humans.…show more content…
Many medical research is unfortunately yet understandably done on apes do to their anatomical and physiological similarities to humans. This research is important to us as humans to combat diseases, insure safety and even find out more about ourselves, for example, more about our minds, how our bodies works, and to gain insight on what our bodies are able to handle and work with. This is how we were able to discover medicine, vaccines and treatments for diseases we once thought were incurable or untreatable such as Polio, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Influenza, the common Cold and Cancer. This Bill of Rights only applies to domestic animals and the animals that have been tested on is for the greater good. Medical research is necessary to improve our lives so we can improve the lives of animals that we count on for the means of survival and for the longevity of

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