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A STUDY – ROLE OF INTEGRATED TEACHING IN MEDICAL CURRICULUM ABSTRACT: AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: study was carried out to focus on effective and meaningful learning that will help the students’ overall development and to improve the continuity of students’ learning. MATERIAL AND METHOD: 150 students of 1st M.B.B.S, year 2012-2013 were selected and integrated teaching in subjects including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology was conducted after selecting few important topics. Pre and post test evaluation was carried out. Questionnaire was provided for the feedback of the students. RESULTS: 75.2% students liked the session of integrated teaching and found it very useful. 80.6% of students appreciated content, method and presentation of integrated teaching module. 83.67%…show more content…
• Interdepartmental collaboration can be promoted. • Wastage teaching resources is prevented. The only negative feedback by the students was about the lengthy time that they were supposed to attend. Students themselves gave suggestion about giving them frequent breaks during the whole process of integrated teaching. Integrated teaching can enhance teacher - student and teacher - teacher interactions, reduce redundant content and integrate disciplines. This is in line with work done by Chan WP, Hsu CY and Hong CY13. CONCLUSION: This study showed that it was possible to adopt integrated teaching under a conventional curriculum in spite of all the challenges. It is helpful to improve appreciation and application of basic science knowledge. Integrated teaching can definitely save time and energy and can give better vision of the subject. Our experiences showed that it requires careful planning by faculty to formulate modules for integrated

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