The Importance Of Marketing Communication

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Marketing communications is an important part of a business strategies to indicate a success or failure in the marketplace. The new social network of communication give opportunities to help businesses to real time interaction with the customers and a better track to observe the styles and trend. Facebook as online social networking has been expanded globally to deliver various purposes mostly for communication networks, marketing tools and business growth strategies. Social media has quickly changed the contemporary marketing approach. ocial media has quickly changed the contemporary marketing approach ocial media has quickly changed the contemporary marketing approach Through Facebook promotional activities could withdraw a widespread of…show more content…
Varieties of marketing communication tools used by Facebook to make this awareness for their consumer (e.g. Social Media, billboard, television and Magazine) and determined by the consumer’s awareness of the product brands and types that been promoted. For example, the new introduction product of Oculus Rift VR is a clear task for Facebook, as formation of problem recognition in consumer’s perception of high quality, high definition and affordable price with other competitors (i.e. PlayStation and Xbox) also has become common. To resolve, the creation of genius advert by Facebook in design with attractive images might be one of the best technique apply to consumer for the next stage (information search) as analysed by Marchyt (2010) evaluate and comprehend consumer behaviour by marketer in line with marketing tools implementation in an effort to instruct understanding and initiates motivation for the…show more content…
(2009) claimed that the attitudes and opinion by consumers obtain from their knowledge and experience gained might stimulate consumer evoked set. By adopting direct marketing with creative message strategies can help Facebook product in a secure position within the targeted consumers as it is interactive cooperative and also timely, besides delivering opportunity prospect for Facebook to present their consumer attitude and commitment. Provide an on-going convincing communication dialogue by Facebook through direct marketing would enhance consumer awareness and perception of buying process of the offered product (i.e. Oculus Rift). Purchase Decision According to Chelsea (2010), from a brand perception Facebook giving rewards of Oculus Rift bundle for the kick-starter with limited units for Kick-starter campaign. This approach or campaign attempt to construct its brand equity, guarantee and loyalty between consumers using the reliable images, symbol and logos to reach high-levels of consumer engagement, interest and remembrance retention to switch their conceptual status from purchase intention towards purchase decision, as identified by Green (2002) it will progressing to purchase with self-confidence and assurance the consumer with supreme

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