How Does Parenting Styles Affect Self Esteem

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Introduction Brian was a classmate of mine at secondary school. He was a shy and pessimistic person, who always showed a sad face and stared at the floor. Strictly managed by his parents, he had to attend different extra-curricular activities after school every day until nine in the evening to strive for better academic results. Sometimes, I saw his arms covered in bruises after the return of test scripts. He, though, is not alone. There have been some hot discussions regarding Hong Kong parents’ parenting styles, such as helicopter parents and monster parents, both of which possibly have resulted in children’s suicide and low confidence at times. According to some studies, various styles of parents play a vital role in shaping the self-esteem of children, causing a myriad of significant impacts on children’s personal growth. This essay examines the impact of different parenting styles on children’s self-esteem and identifies which style is more favorable to children’s development. Self-esteem Self-esteem, which is key to one’s success, is very important for a young person’s…show more content…
Setting up clear and reasonable requirements, expectations and demands towards children, authoritative parents convince them to follow with acceptable reasons. When children make a mistake, they will explain and suggest ways to them patiently to help them correct it as they value children’s self-management and independence. Concerned about children’s needs and development, they always encourage and support them when they encounter difficulties (Gross, 2015). Therefore, children feel the love, emphasis and recognition of parents. Their five elements of self-esteem will be higher, leading to higher self-esteem. Young people who experienced authoritative parenting style have higher self-esteem than that of other parenting styles (Maccoby & Martin,

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