Essay On Gender Stratification In Thailand

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impact and was so successful in the United States was because it was initially supported by such well known and influential figures in the entertainment industry. Incredibly prolific female celebrities such as Julianne Moore, Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon, and Taylor Swift, who are just a few of the famous victims, all combined have millions of followers on social media. In the case of this movement specifically, you have a situation where these incredibly big names are doing something regarded as incredibly brave, and they are doing it on a platform that reaches millions upon millions of people. Although it may be a slight criticism, it is fair to say that this movement is one of privilege. Would this campaign of calling out sexual harassment and taking down people like Charlie Rose even happen if it was a cause only supported by normal everyday working…show more content…
Gender marginalization is so deeply rooted in Thai society, where gender dynamics have significant influence over the organization of the society and the distribution of power. Issues such as the glass ceiling and an utter lack of feminist advocacy contribute a large deal to the perpetuation of gender stratification in Thailand. While many countries have laws in place to prevent explicit discrimination on the basis of sex and gender, Thai women are often marginalized through less explicit kinds of sexism. For example, men who are assertive in salary negotiations are more successful in getting a high salary, however, women who do the same tend to be seen negatively. This is a catch 22 for women; do they negotiate and get labelled as too aggressive, or do they settle for lower pay? This kind of institutionalized sexism found throughout Thai society largely attributes to the lack of attention the #MeToo movement has received in

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