Concept Of Morality Essay

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CONCEPT OF MORALITY Defining the term “moral/morality” has been controversial and debatable among scholars. Moral deterioration is sometimes referred to as moral decay/decline/erosion and can easily be explained by referring to behaviours associated to it. The word 'Morality' has been derived from the Latin word “moralities” means proper behavior. Hence it is a sense of behavior that separates two aspects good and bad. In this study, morality refers two cultural values and ethics those are right or wrong, in collective sense, which may be relative but there is a base line below which morality degrades and above which morality uplifts. Thus morality depends upon a host of factors ranging from self-induced to superimpose. As stated earlier there are so many ideologies, the proper application of which may lead to collective development. Similarly the exploitation of that result behavioral disorders. Freud, Kohlberg, & Piaget as cited in Santrock (2005) explain moral development as highly influenced by peers (give-and-take relations), parents and culture. For instance, Gibbs (ibid) stress that parents’ moral values influence children’s developing moral thoughts. Moral development takes place in the so called moral…show more content…
The men of character were the icons of the past generation. These icons suffered for the human race. The icons of the youth today are film stars and sports persons. The way we present Indian history, heritage, and culture to our youth leaves much to be refined, modified and updated. The great contribution made to the growth of world civilization by ancient India is yet to be explored fully and projected onto those who deliberately attempt to ignore and distort these facts. Such efforts must begin from the institutions that train teachers and must extend to schools and colleges through in-service and specific orientation programmes at the earliest. The young of India must internalize a sense of pride in their
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