Self Confidence Speech

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If you could ask every woman of the world what she wishes she had more of the majority of answers you would hear (apart from time) would be the desire for more confidence. It’s something that affects us all, but it doesn’t have to continue being a problem in your life. Like most traits confidence can be nurtured and developed and open up a whole new world for you. It’s the difference between being terrified of everything and being an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. So many of us are being held back by a fear of failure and the most efficient way to overcome those fears is by boosting self-confidence. If you do this, perhaps without thinking of it in such stark terms, you will be able to conquer your fears and pursue your dreams. It…show more content…
Confident people have places to be and people to see so they tend to walk quickly. If you do the same, whether you’re in a hurry or not, you will feel your confidence growing as your sense of purpose fills your soul. So, boost your gait by 25% and see what happens. 3. Stand Up Straight Bad posture doesn’t just give you a sore back, it’s also telling others a story about who you are. When you see someone trudging around with their head down and slumped shoulders what do you think? You’re certainly not inspired by that posture, but you get the sense that the person lacks confidence. Put your shoulders back, puff your chest out and stand tall and proud! You’ll give others a better impression of you and you will feel more confident! Don’t forget to make eye contact. 4. Motivate Yourself The market is littered with motivational speakers whose sole purpose is to inspire others to take action. Guess what? You can be your own motivational speaker and create a speech directed at you! Write out a motivational chat that highlights not just your goals, but also your strengths. You can record it for when you need it or simply practice it in the mirror to give yourself a boost. Once you’ve done it enough times it will stick in your memory and you can recall it whenever you’re in need of motivation or
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