Swot Analysis Of Nandos

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What is the best feature that makes customers choose Nando’s over the competitors? Service is one of the best selling point of Nando’s. Secondly will be the food. The special about Nando’s food lies in the unique sauces. The unique sauces offered by Nando’s cannot be found in other restaurants. Nando’s sauces are available at some major supermarket in the Malaysia, such as the Giant. Furthermore, the quality of the chicken is at the highest most standard of Grade A, with all the part are prepared equally at 1.1kg. To ensure the quality, all the chicken are prepared from Nando’s own farm and factory, and partnership with trusted courier service to deliver the chicken all over the country. The marinated chilies used for the chicken (Bird-eye…show more content…
The direct competitors in Malaysia would be Kenny Roger Roaster and KFC, which sell mainly chicken. In Mahkota Cheras, there is no direct competitors to be found nearby. Despite numerous F&B competitors around, but Nando’s positioned themselves as fine-dining restaurant, and there none of them offered the similar standard of services, so we do not see the area as very…show more content…
What are the in-store technology that help to facilitate the delivery process? That is not much special high technology used in store. One of the common technology will be the computerised ordering system, which we called as the KDS system. Another would be the high speed internet (TM Unifi), which we were using the highest speed provided, and the customer seem to be happy about the internet, we do not receive any related complaints yet. As for the replenishment, we will be using the email to place our order. We will contact the warehouse at HQ for any stocks and equipment, such as packaging, sauces, dining sets, uniforms and others, which all of these were sent from the South Africa, and is standard all over the world. As for the chicken and other fresh products, we will send the email to the suppliers (Nando’s factory) to place the order. How long will it takes for each meal order to be prepared and send to the

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