I Have A Dream Speech Analysis

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On August 28 of 1963, Martin Luther King Jr gave a speech at the March on Washington that changed the nation. It was given the title “I Have A Dream”. He spoke in front of thousands and thousands of people that day. His accomplishment that he wanted to purfil during his speech was to have everyone, whether they were white or black or if they were a Catholic or Jewish to listen. To understand that it was finally time for everyone to accept each other’s differences. He protested the racial inequality for men who weren’t given the same equal rights for being divergent from the national norms. Martin was able to give off such a powerful speech to fight against this protest while contributing to the nation all unifying together as one. The message…show more content…
His speech gave out a protest against the racial inequalities and the unequal rights that they have received since the beginning of time without the use of any sort of violence. “I Have a Dream” was so powerful that it changed the way the nation looked at each other. Back then, there were events that were made that segregated the whites and the African Americans such as from December 1 of 1955, Rosa Parks created a bus boycott against the Montgomery bus because she was forced to give up her seat, but refused. Acts just like this are starting to reoccur again during present day where people are going out in public yelling and screaming to fellow immigrants that are named american citizens to go back to where they came from. Go back to Africa or Asia because they believed that this person doesn’t belong here anymore ever since Donald Trump was elected president at the beginning of last year. Ever since then, there has been violent protest or acts that have been made because of people not accepting people’s differences. The sense of racial inequality is starting to come back again. To hear Martin Luther King speak out this same exact speech at the same exact place in today’s time would remind everyone how we shouldn’t treat people differently and say that they don’t belong here just because they are black, asian, hispanic, catholic, christian or jewish. We as a nation should grasp the sense of unifying as one for all equal rights towards all men once
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