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The movie When Harry Met Sally is a romantic movie that illustrated the story of two old friends who became lovers. They knew each other because they graduated from a prestigious University of Michigan. The day they decided to move from Michigan to New York. On their way to New York, they started talking about different topics. In my opinion, Harry seemed to be very open when it came to asking questions about relationships between women and me. He had a particular way to explain his point of view that Sally seemed to disagree with him. As a result of it, she got a bad impression of him since he tried to piss her off. After that event, they did not see each other until they met again in an airport. By coincidences of the life, they met again. That was how they started their adventure of love. One Scene Class related topic: Men and women cannot be friends. A brief description of topic: In the page of 230 of the Social Relationship’s book, Miller pointed that “most people have had a close friendship with a member of the other sex” (2014). This means that is not true that men and women cannot be friends.…show more content…
They decided to be fellow travelers and went together to New York. In the course of the trip, Harry started asking questions that made little uncomfortable to Sally, especially about sex. He said that he wanted to spend the night together, but Sally said that they were only friends and nothing would happen to them. Apparently, he did not agree with Sally’s affirmation. He affirmed that “women and men never become friends”. I think he said it because he did not want to continue arguing with her about something that was true. He also said that there was not any form that was true because men and women cannot be friends if sex is involved. Another important key in the movie was that there were any men that want to be friends with attractive women. It happens because they always want to have sex with

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